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Video 8: A poster presentation

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Video 8 Script


LILY: ...and this is the product we did choose. It’s called the Backpack Umbrella. As you can see, it’s an umbrella attached to a backpack. When it rains, the user presses a button attached to the strap, and the umbrella comes up and above the head. Simple idea, really, but we think it can really work.

AARON: So it’s battery powered?

LILY: Yes, it’s powered by a battery that is inside the backpack. Actually, you can also use the battery to charge your phone.

CHRIS: What happens if the battery runs out? Can you still use the umbrella?

HENRY: Ah, yes, good question. If the battery runs out, you can still use it as a normal umbrella, with your hand. Of course, you’d have to take the backpack off first.

LILY: Oh, and on top of the backpack – right here – there is a solar power cell. So when it’s sunny, you can charge your battery, and when it’s raining, the umbrella is ready for action.

AARON: So, if I want to use it in the sun to protect my that case, we can’t charge the battery, right?

LILY: That’s a good point, thank you! We’ll add it to our report and have R&D think about that some more!

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