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Video 5: Elevator pitch

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Video 5 Script


LILY: Excuse me, Mr. Pinsch!


LILY: I’m really sorry to take up your time, but I have a new product idea that I think you will love!

TITUS: Fine, but make it quick. I’m on my way to a meeting.

LILY: It will be just a minute, I swear! Here it is. I call it “The Guilt Jar”. It’s a cookie jar that talks, and it’s for people who are having trouble with dieting. Here’s how it works: first, you put your cookies inside. Then, you close the lid and choose a setting. Later, when you try to get a cookie, the jar will remind you about your diet. So, for example, it may say, “Hey, that’s your third cookie of the day!” or “Why don’t you go for a walk instead?” You know, so maybe you will think twice and skip the cookie. I really think it could be a best-seller for us. It could change the diet industry!

TITUS: Hmm, the Guilt Jar, eh? I don’t hate it. Drop by my office first thing tomorrow morning with a full report. And don’t be late.

LILY: Great – thank you! I’ll do that!

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