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Video 12: Ad campaign presentation

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Hi everyone, thank you for being here today. I’d like to tell you about our market strategy for the Widgets xCover.

This idea started out as the Backpack Umbrella, but it has gone through some changes due to market research feedback. As you can see, it’s now more of a folding personal roof than an umbrella. Our focus groups really liked this idea, and said it looks more fashionable than an umbrella. They also preferred the name “xCover” to “Backpack Umbrella”.

So, who are our target customers? Based on our survey, the target customers are young, 18 to 30, either male or female. They are active, enjoy being outdoors, and they like to have the latest fashions and technology. They don’t drive. So, we think we can target these people when they’re traveling to or from work.

The obvious choice is to put posters on trains and bus stops. These will be very effective on rainy days. This target group is also very active on social media, so we decided to advertise there too, but with a difference: we will run social media ads only on rainy days! On sunny days, we will save our money.

This way, we can extend our campaign even longer, and we can reach people only when they are thinking about getting wet. Our social media campaign will include a video. We are going to produce a funny story about a young man who uses his xCover at Christmas to hang mistletoe above his head. We haven’t filmed the video yet, but here is the storyboard to give you an idea.

Pretty cool, right? We think this could be funny enough to go viral and get shared on social media. We also plan to advertise in other places where our young, active target group will see. For example, banner ads online, ads on outdoor magazines, and maybe a celebrity endorsement from a sport such as mountain climbing and marathon running.

So that’s it: our ideas for an advertising campaign for the Widgets xCover. Any questions or comments?

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