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Video 3: Meet the founders

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Video 3 Script


MIKI: It all started back in university. I was always so tired from my part-time job and studying all night, that I often fell asleep in class. My teachers were very angry, and my grades were going down. So one day I had this idea: What if I had a device to quickly wake me up when I fell asleep? What if my smart watch could check my heart rate? What if... it could wake me up when my heart rate got too low? “I got it!” I thought – what if my watch could give me an electric shock to wake me up? That would change... everything! At the time, Jessica was my classmate, and she was an engineering student, and she said, “Hey, you know what? I can make that!” That’s how the Widgets Shock Watch was born.

JESSICA: Oh, yeah, of course I remember the first Shock Watch! Well, first I made one for Miki, and then it started getting really popular at our university. And before you know it, like, everyone in our class wanted a watch. I think we made about twenty watches the first year, and students were offering us more and more money to make these watches for them. One guy actually even offered us $1,000 to make him a watch! And then that’s when Titus came into the picture, and he wrote up some business plans, and then, you know, the rest is history.

TITUS: Yes, I was the head of the Young Capitalists Society at the time. One day, these two women walked in and wanted to talk about this electronic torture device they had created. At first I thought things seemed a bit... off. But when I saw how many of these watches they had sold, I started to think, “Perhaps there’s some money to be made here.” After I saw some of their other ideas, I became convinced. The three of us shook hands, and I started on a business plan that same day. I did all of the market research, found investors, and registered the business. All of the real work, if we’re being honest.

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