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Video 11: Miki's ad campaign intro

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Video 11 Script



Greetings, my wonderful, world-changing interns! It’s great to finally speak to you.

I’ve been following your work so far, of course, and it’s been excellent. I’ve heard many positive things about you from Jessica and your supervisor... and even from Titus. And hey, if you’ve managed to impress Titus, you must be doing something right.

OK, so here’s where we are. So far, you’ve come up with ideas for new products, you’ve chosen one of these products to go into production, and then you’ve carried out market research to find out what people think. These are all important stages in getting a new product to market, but one very important part is still missing – my favorite part, actually!

Next, your team will plan an advertising campaign. That’s right. You will plan the best way to tell everyone about this wonderful new product – this life-transforming, world-saving, happiness-making new product! First, you will think about the information you received from market research, and then you must identify the target customers for your product, then decide the best way to reach them.

You’ll need to be smart. What’s the best way to reach your target customers? Is it magazines or social media ads? Posters on buses and trains? A video commercial? A music jingle? A celebrity endorsement? Maybe a combination of these? Or maybe you want to try something more creative, like a viral marketing campaign? After all, there’s no better advertisement than word-of-mouth.

There’s lots to do, lots to think about, lots to design. But hey – you’ve already impressed Titus. So now, show me how you’re going to impress the whole world! You can do it!

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