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Video 1: Welcome to Widgets

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Welcome to Widgets. Your future, today.

At Widgets, we make products for your life and comfort. Do you have a problem in your life? Widgets has the solution. And if we don’t yet... well, we’re working on it!

Widgets was started just five years ago. That was when three university students had the idea to start a new kind of company. A company to make exciting products that no one had ever seen before. A company to... change the world!

Today, Widgets is a major international company, with offices in Tokyo, New York, Hong Kong, London, and more. You have seen Widgets’ many exciting products in stores and online...but have you met the young visionaries behind this amazing success story?

Meet Miki May, CEO of Widgets. Last year, The Economist magazine called her “a true marketing genius of our time.”

Titus Pinsch. This superstar CFO has doubled Widgets' profits year after year.

Jessica Sparks. CTO and head of R&D, she is the creator of many of Widgets’ best-selling products.

How did they do it? It wasn’t easy. Miki, Jessica, and Titus worked around the clock to get all of their new products on the market. They tested new ideas, asked customers what they liked or disliked, and prepared advertising campaigns.

Today, Widgets hires the most creative minds in business and technology through its famous internship program. Widgets interns work hands-on to brainstorm new products, do market research, prepare advertising campaigns, and much more.

Many apply to be an intern at Widgets, but only the best and most hardworking are chosen to join the company full-time. Do you have what it takes?

Widgets. Your future, today.


CFO: Chief Financial Officer

CTO: Chief Technology Officer

R&D: Research and Development (department)


NOTE: This video has changed slightly from the script in the student book. This does not affect the viewing task. The script above is correct.

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