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Video 14: The job interview

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Video 14 Script


STEVIE: Hi, come in. Please, have a seat.

SAGE: Thank you.

STEVIE: OK, Let’s get started. Can you tell me about yourself?

SAGE: Yes, I grew up in the U.K. and China, and I spent some time studying in Japan as well. After that, I traveled around Asia and South America for about nine months. Finally, I joined Widgets in Hong Kong, and I love the company. It’s a fun and exciting place to work, and I’ve made a lot of friends here. So now I’m interested in applying for the junior manager position in public relations.

STEVIE: Well, that’s nice to hear. Now...On your resume, it says that you “created and developed a successful new product.” Can you tell us more about that?

SAGE: Yes, that was the Guilt Jar. It was very simple. It was a cookie jar that says things to you every time you open it. My team also did market research and designed advertising campaigns on other Widgets products.

STEVIE: Very good. So, overall, what do you think you did well here at Widgets?

SAGE: Let’s see, I was project manager for the ad campaign on the xCover, and that sold really well. Apart from that, I’ve also learned a lot from my supervisors and my co-workers. I’ve definitely become more of a team player, and I think that’s helped me to succeed.

STEVIE: I see. And what do you think you could have done better here at Widgets?

SAGE: Well, I was sometimes shy to speak out. I guess I could have expressed myself better. In the future, I will make sure that I say what I think, because every opinion is important.

STEVIE: I see. And do you think your previous job at Michiyo’s of London has helped you here? That’s a fancy restaurant, right?

SAGE: Yes, that’s right. Let’s the head server, I had to deal with staff problems, and that really helped develop my leadership skills. That experience helped me a lot when I was a project manager here at Widgets.

STEVIE: Right. So next, why do you think you’re suited to the public relations role?

SAGE: Well, I’m outgoing and confident, and I love meeting people and talking to them. I'm also good at languages. As you can see on my CV, I’m fluent in English and Chinese, and I can also communicate well in Japanese. I’m also a good public speaker, and I think that’s very important for presenting the best image of Widgets to the public.

STEVIE: OK… well, I think that’s what I needed to hear. Thank you so much for coming in. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from us soon.

SAGE: Thank you very much for your time.

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