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Video 7: Titus product selection intro

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Video 7 Script


TITUS: Are we on? Yes? Hello. I’m Titus Pinsch.

I’ll be helping you through the next part of your intern training. I will instruct you on how to make smart and informed business decisions.

Now, I expect Jessica has given you her usual, “Let’s go team! Anyone can be creative! You’re a special flower!” speech, and that’s wonderful. But now it’s time to get down to business. And make no mistake: Widgets is a business.

Shortly, your supervisor will provide you with four product ideas from another team of interns. Your teams will consider these ideas carefully, and decide on which idea will actually go into production.

Finally, you will prepare a business report on your decision, as well as a poster presentation to explain your decision to the other interns. I will be looking at these very carefully. This is your chance to impress me. Get to work and show me what you can do.

That is all.

Let’s go, people!

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