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Video 10: The focus group

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Video 10 Script


STEVIE: OK, thank you for coming. This won’t take long. First, I want to pass around some product information. This is a new Widgets product called the Spr-A-OK. It’s a safe, colorful spray paint for food. Go ahead and think about it. I’ll give you a minute. [pause] OK, so what do you think?

PARTICIPANT 1: I love it. I’d buy it for my kids.

PARTICIPANT 2: I don’t get it. Why would anyone want to spray paint food?

PARTICIPANT 1: Are you kidding? Who wouldn’t want to spray paint food? It looks like so much fun. Can you imagine? Blue potatoes? Green rice? Rainbow-colored turkey for Pride Week? My kids would absolutely love this!

STEVIE: And how about you? What do you think?

PARTICIPANT 3: It does look like fun, I guess, but… is it safe? I mean, I’m worried about the idea of painting food. And what if it’s not fresh? The food could go bad, and we wouldn’t notice.

STEVIE: That’s a good point, thank you. Now another question: What do you think about the name “SPR-A-OK”?

PARTICIPANT 1: Yeah, I was wondering about that. “Spray-OK” doesn’t sound very... well, very good. I mean, it’s just “OK”? Why isn’t it “good”, or “great”? Also, it’s kind of hard to write.

STEVIE: Interesting... I think the idea was that it sounds like “A-OK”, which does mean “good” in some countries. But maybe that’s not clear... All right, thank you. That’s good to know. Anyone else? Any thoughts?

PARTICIPANT 3: Yeah. I’d like to try it, but maybe not on food. I think it could be good to use for body painting. You know, to dress up for Halloween or something like that.

STEVIE: Hey, that’s a great idea. Let me write that down… OK. These are great answers, everyone, thank you. Now, what do think about the price?


NOTE: This video has changed slightly from the script in the student book. This does not affect the viewing task. The script above is correct.

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