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Video 4: Message from Jessica

Video 4: Jessica's R&D project intro (p. 15)


Hi there! I’m Jessica – I’m Chief Technology Officer here at Widgets. I work right here at the Research and Development department, or “R&D” for short. I’m so excited to meet you guys.

The Research and Development department is where all of the new product ideas at Widgets are created. Without new successful ideas, this company wouldn’t be here today. Are you a creative person? Do you always come up with exciting new ideas that other people just don’t think about? If your answer is “yes”, then great! You’re gonna do really well here at R&D.

If your answer is “no”, well then, listen carefully because here’s the thing: Everyone is creative– it’s just that some of us don’t know it yet! And it’s true…you’ll see really soon.

All right, so let’s jump into the fun part: your team project. Your supervisor’s gonna go over all the details with you, but for now, here are the basics. [Um] first, your first project is gonna be divided into three parts. First of all, you guys will brainstorm some new product ideas. Each member of your team will come up with three or four ideas.

Next, you’re gonna write a product proposal. This is basically a summary of your best product idea. And finally, each member of your team is gonna write something called an “elevator pitch,” which is essentially a short but very exciting speech about your best product idea.

All right, so I think that covers just about everything. So go on and get started, and have some fun. And I’m really looking forward to hearing all of your great new ideas.

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