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Watercooler chat example 1

Video 2: Watercooler chat

Video 2: Water cooler chat (p. 8)

KAYLA: So how was your recent trip?

JESSICA: It was great. [Um] I just got back two days ago, actually.

KAYLA: Oh cool! Where did you go?

JESSICA: I went to Canada and LA, actually.

KAYLA: LA – so fun!

JESSICA: It was! It was my first time there, so really exciting.

KAYLA: I heard it’s kind of hard to navigate.

JESSICA: It was, but you know, luckily I had some friends there, so they showed me around, they took me to some cool places, had some good food. Yeah, I had some avocado toast, ‘cause that’s really big there right now.

KAYLA: That’s so awesome.

JESSICA: Yeah, and how about you? Are you gonna go anywhere for the long weekend?

KAYLA: I am. I’m gonna go back home to Michigan to visit my mom.

JESSICA: Oh that’s great. [Um] are you gonna have a big family dinner?

KAYLA: [Um] no, not really. This time it’s just gonna be me, and a couple of friends of my mom.

JESSICA: Oh that’s good. That sounds really fun.

KAYLA: I’m really excited.

JESSICA: Yeah, well I hope you have a great trip.

KAYLA: Oh thank you so much.

JESSICA: I guess I’ll see you around then.

KAYLA: Definitely!

Watercooler chat example 2

Video 2: Watercooler chat 2

Watercooler chat example 3

Video 2: Watercooler chat 3

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