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Video 13: Goodbye message from the founders

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Video 13 Script


MIKI: Are we all on? Good. Hello everyone. Well, this is it. We’ve come to the end of your internship here at Widgets. We just wanted to say thank you, and let you know that you’ve done a fantastic job. We’re all very happy with your hard work. Isn’t that right, Jessie?

JESSICA: Absolutely. In the orientation stage, I was so happy to see how quickly everyone got to know each other. It’s not always easy to work with new people and make teams. Then, when we moved to R&D, you all turned out to be so creative hardworking. There were some brilliant ideas that came up. Wouldn’t you say so, Titus?

TITUS: Yes, indeed. I dare say that these are the best interns we’ve had. They made smart business decisions, and presented their market research findings clearly and with style. A combination of enthusiasm and insight. I couldn’t have done it better myself. Bravo!

MIKI: Titus is right, you did do great work. I loved your ad campaigns, and I’m sure that thanks to you, these products will sell all around the world. Now then, we have one last task for you. We would like you to apply for permanent full-time positions here at Widgets. First, you will prepare and submit a resume, including all of your achievements as a Widgets intern. Then, you will participate in an internal job interview. Do your best, and you may soon be heading a new Widgets office somewhere around the world! So, that’s all from us – but we really hope to see you around here in the future! Bye for now!


TITUS: Good bye.

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