Lesson Plans

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The lesson plans provide a suggested timeline for tasks, detailed guidance for each lesson, required materials for each class, and suggestions for implementing and adapting.

Click on the links below for complete lesson plans depending on your situation:

Lesson plan A is for 30 x 90-minute lessons

Lesson plan B is for 15 x 90-minute lessons

Lesson plan C is for 30 x 50-minute lessons

Answer Keys

Many of the questions posed in the Widgets Inc. coursebook are intentionally open-ended. This is done in order to elicit authentic discussion. Therefore bear in mind that many of our answers are suggestive; that is, they are meant to guide the teacher as they facilitate group and whole-class discussion.

Answer Keys

Syllabus Templates

At many institutions, teachers are required to submit syllabus outlines for their courses. The following are free sample proposals that teachers who have used Widgets have submitted. If you find them useful, great — but we don't necessarily vouch for them!

Syllabus for 14-week x 100-minute course

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