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Teachers, please read Course Video before starting the course.

Note: some videos are currently in final production. All videos will be available below by the end of January 2019. Two versions will be available for each video, one with no subtitles and one with English subtitles.



Stage 1

Video 1: [COMING SOON] Welcome to Widgets (p. 5)

Video 2: Water cooler chat - 3 examples (p. 8)

Video 3: Meet the founders (p. 9)


Stage 2

Video 4: Jessica's R&D project intro (p. 15)

Video 5: Elevator pitch example (p. 22)


Stage 3

Video 6: [COMING SOON] SWOT analysis (p. 28)

Video 7: Titus' product selection intro (p. 29)

Video 8: Poster presentation example (p. 35)


Stage 4

Video 9: Titus' market research intro (p. 42)

Video 10: [COMING SOON] Focus group (p. 45)


Stage 5

Video 11: Miki's marketing project intro (p. 58)

Video 12: [COMING SOON] Ad campaign presentation (p. 62)


Stage 6

Video 13: [COMING SOON] Final message from the founders (p. 73)

Video 14: [COMING SOON] Job interview (p. 80)


To download Widgets videos to your device:

1) Select the video from the list above;

2) At the top-right side of the video player, click on the "Share" icon (it looks like a paper airplane);

3) Click on the URL which points to the video on;

4) Once at the Vimeo page, look for the "Download" button.

If you do download the videos, please check back here at the end of February 2019, as we are still finishing post-production on some of the videos. Even the ones that are now available above may be slightly updated at that time.